Rick Curran



Violin, viola and cello performed and recorded, either as solo instruments or in ensemble.

Acoustically isolated and damped recording space.

24 bit Protools digital recording and editing, with a range of large diaphragm condenser mics.

Optional Vienna string samples in combination with real instruments for a big sound.

30 years experience of professional studio recording and live work experience.

10 years experience in Remote session work.

Wide and varied discography including film and TV, games and library music.

The instruments:

German violin c1880

French violin 19th century

German cello 19th century

English cello 20th century

Eastern European viola 20th century.

The equipment:

AKG c414 condenser mic

Aston Origin condenser mic

Rode NT1A condenser mic

Avalon vt737sp valve preamp

Pro tools system